Have I not commanded  you be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord Your God will be with your wherever you go. РJoshua 1:9

Welcome To The Future

The future is here. Were you expecting it?   I know I wasn’t. One day, many years ago, (30 to be exact) in a theater near everyone, a movie came out that predicted a little bit about what life might look like today. We can now watch it at home on VHS, I mean DVD, […]

Scared to Death

Are you Scared? You should be.   That is the question that has been presented many times throughout literary writings, thematic plays and movies.   You should be scared, there is plenty to be scared of. Everywhere you look there is danger. Cars are dangerous. People die in horrific accidents everyday. Guns… don’t get me […]

The Gator and Me

A Poem to ode to The Gator…   The Gator And Me –   The Gator and Me,   We are not friends you see,   Because when the Gator Sees me,   He thinks of how tasty I would be.     I don’t know why He thinks that way,   I don’t know […]

Seagulls and Freedom

I usually don’t write about anything that might be too controversial, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be, it is just that there are different sides to every story, and this one has a very human side, and very real consequences for everyone involved.   It is not my place to pretend that I can […]

Bring Your Elephant to Church Day!

Wooo Hooo, It’s finally hear! The day we have been expecting, It has finally arrived! With excitement in our hearts and anticipation creating a buzz all around we dress to the 9n’s. Jewelry, suits, ties, makeup (for the ladies) and let’s not forget those sharp, but ever slightly uncomfortable shoes that complete any stellar wardrobe […]


So many times I have looked at peoples photography, and wondered to myself, what makes a picture beautiful? Is it the subject matter, the colors, contrast, lighting, or a hundred other minute things that don’t even stand out on their own but when combined all seem to work together?   I think that photos, especially […]