Did you ever take a look at a caterpillar? They Are kind of freaky looking, some even down right gross. Personally I would not want to be a creepy, crawly, worm like creature that had to move from place to place just hoping that there weren’t any birds around to eat me, kids around to torture me, or adults with size ten shoes to accidentally step on me. It seams like it would be kind of a rough, crewel life.


But, all of that being said. I would love to be a butterfly. To flutter from place to place on the warm breezes of summer, be admired for the balance of strength, beauty, and delicate design. Visit every brightly colored flower in every garden I could find. Now that would be the life. But wait…oh darn it, If I want to ever be a butterfly, first I have to be, ugh, a caterpillar. If I ever want to be all that God had intended for me to be I guess I have to get used to crawling on my belly for a while, because with out that, I would never grow the wings that I needed to fly.

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