The Gator and Me

A Poem to ode to The Gator…   The Gator And Me –   The Gator and Me,   We are not friends you see,   Because when the Gator Sees me,   He thinks of how tasty I would be.     I don’t know why He thinks that way,   I don’t know […]

Bring Your Elephant to Church Day!

Wooo Hooo, It’s finally hear! The day we have been expecting, It has finally arrived! With excitement in our hearts and anticipation creating a buzz all around we dress to the 9n’s. Jewelry, suits, ties, makeup (for the ladies) and let’s not forget those sharp, but ever slightly uncomfortable shoes that complete any stellar wardrobe […]

Life is Not Fair

It’s not! It just isn’t. One moment you are sitting on a flower, soaking up the sun, enjoying a lovely spring day, and in the next moment a windshield is careening at you at 60 miles per hour… or at least it would be if you were a monarch butterfly who happened to venture over […]

Getting Off the High Horse

  Have you ever been the victim of someone on a high horse? Hopefully not literally, but figuratively speaking of course. I know I have. Recently in fact. The “High Horse” mentality happens when people self elevate to scrutinize others, looking down upon them from some lofty place they set for themselves far above those […]

I Am Not a Butterfly…Yet!

Did you ever take a look at a caterpillar? They Are kind of freaky looking, some even down right gross. Personally I would not want to be a creepy, crawly, worm like creature that had to move from place to place just hoping that there weren’t any birds around to eat me, kids around to […]

I’m Working On It

Ever feel slow…I mean really slow, like no matter how hard you try you just can’t move fast enough?   I know I do. All the time. So much to do, I can push, pull, force and frantically move, and I still can’t seem to get what I wanted done in the amount of time […]

The Elephant In The Room

It’s Huge. It’s There. You can’t hide it, sweep it under a rug, drape a nice linen table cloth over it. No matter what you, or how hard you try and cover it up, the truth is it is a massive, stinking, giant of an animal, and it somehow squeezed it’s way through its portal […]