It’s Huge. It’s There. You can’t hide it, sweep it under a rug, drape a nice linen table cloth over it. No matter what you, or how hard you try and cover it up, the truth is it is a massive, stinking, giant of an animal, and it somehow squeezed it’s way through its portal of choice into the room you find yourself.


So, what does one do when they find themselves in the presence of an elephant? Most people ignore it, thus the phrase is coined “Ignoring the Elephant In the Room”.


I have been there. An elephant standing in the room with me, and to be honest, I can’t stand it. I want the air to be clear of the presence of any pachyderms, no matter how difficult or embarrassing they might be. Because quite frankly, they stink. I believe we should embrace our elephants. Talk about them openly. Invite it to sit down on the couch with us and share our snack of choice. How else will we ever convince them to leave. Only when we choose to openly discuss what is bothering us, causing us grief, or making us uncomfortable to we get the opportunity to tell the beast to get the heck out of our room.


It is not always easy, sometimes it takes some yelling, and often times tears, (especially from me, because I am a big sap) But talking about the tusker is the ONLY WAY to convince it to hit the road, leaving the room open and free of over sized mammals. Just remember though, if you ignore it, or dance around its massive legs, not only will it stick around, but it will also invite some friends to join the fun.


I don’t know about all of the people who might read this, but the only place I want to see an elephant is at the zoo. God Bless!

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