I love the earth, the beauty of nature all around us. That is probably why most of my photos are of God’s Glorious Creation, in all of it’s spender, mystery, majesty and power. My quote, at least the one I like to use on my e-mail has been the same for years. “I’ll never paint the sky as He who made it”. That’s how I feel about the awe inspiring, and often times breathtaking dance of color, light, texture, and sound that create the ultimate 3D experience known as life.


I have often found myself thanking God for a flower, a tree, or a sunrise, even more likely, a sunset because I don’t usually get up that early. Do I celebrate earth day. Yes I do, every day. Not to preach about how foolish man can be, and how destructive to the very place we live and depend on. I think there are many people who can do that with much more authority then I. Just for the record, I do not hug trees, at lest not many. I prefer to climb them, or sit under their shade.


The picture above is one I captured of something foreign, almost alien, but yet somehow it belongs. It is unique, bold, sharp, and special. Much like most of creation it has a purpose. Mysterious or not, it was made for a reason. My question, however, is…What is that?

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  1. That’s really neat looking. And I love your perspective. I’m guilty of not looking around me and taking everything for granted. Thank you for a great reminder to appreciate what’s around me. For the record, I love my paper plates but I do recycle.

    1. LOL, Thanks April. Paper plates have their place for sure. I wish I had used some this weekend, because when I woke up this morning the last thing I wanted to do was tackle the sink full of dirty dishes, overflowing. Have a wonderful day!

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