What does one do when faced with the unbounded beauty of the natural world, in all the grace and splendor which God created it. Well, if you were my two year old daughter, you would throw a stick in it.


On a recent trip to my husbands home state of Colorado we decided to hike from Maroon Bells to Crater Lake. A definite challenge, especially considering the snow on the ground, and my husband carrying our daughter on his back. We finally get there, and well, I brake out the camera…snap, snap snapping away. I was in awe off the whole landscape, it was awesome!!! Autumn on the other hand decided to take a moment and truly experience nature, she picked up the nearest stick, and threw it in the lake…then again, then again. And at that moment, I wonder if God gives a joyful chuckle. Here he creates immense beauty that can hardly be described, cascading mountainsides, crystal clear water, bold blue sky, with soft white clouds. All of that, and the most amusing thing around is a small wooden stick, and the splash it makes in the water, again and again. Wow. I would bet that God delights in that simple pleasure of a little girl that he also created having a blast.


I marvel at the simplicity of it all. Maybe, next time, I will put down the camera and throw a few myself.

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  1. Sarah, when I saw this beautiful Maroon Bells photograph and read your blog today, and I kept having this Déjà vu feeling…I knew I had been to Maroon Bells when our daughter was 2 years old, and I thought I had already left a reply…and then I looked back and remembered that I DID leave a reply on your blog when you first posted this in September…”I LOVE your photography and your blog…my family and I hiked in the Maroon Bells area in 1982, when our daughter was about the age of your daughter in this photo…it brought back a lot of warm memories for me this morning :)”…thank you for reminding me again of this beautiful location and memories 🙂
    beth willis miller

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